Hotel rooms spike in winter time – cost of heat

When we were arranging a trip to Montreal, we sure never expected that there would be major consequences for going in the winter, and i mean, we expected some uncomfortable consequences, such as chilly our butts off outdoors every day! My buddy and I weren’t expecting balmy weather or anything.

My buddy and I realized that the weather might be stormy plus icy, then what we never anticipated, but, was the option that it would be more costly to go in the winter.

Who would want to go during the darkest, coldest months of the year, afterall? Well, no one, and that’s partially because the cost of staying in the city skyrockets as the temperature plummets. When we started looking at hotels, the prices seemed rather high compared to other cities plus the figures we had seen in Montreal before. I wasn’t’ sure if there was a major concert or festival happening that might drive up the interest in renting a hotel room, but in fact, it was nothing of the sort; The big increase in price was due truly to the low winter time temperatures… because the hotel has to compensate for the cost of heating. Apparently they don’t get good deals from the energy business plus have to worry about their clients using too much heat in their facilities. If there is a ton of heat pumping into every room, the hotel’s bills increase pressingly until the air temperature evens out again. I didn’t understand how it could be such a significant energy expense for them… until I arrived plus realized how frosty it was. I actually abused the heating system in our hotel room, running it at maximum speed plus heating power. Thank god it was already included in the price of the room.

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