Double door system

Recently I was fortunate enough to go on a week long road trip into the wild canadian landscape.

I had never been into canadian territory before as well as was super happy to embark on this trip.

The only thing that truly sad me was the chilly as well as temperamental weather my buddy and I were about to encounter during the end of canadian winter. My great friend and I currently reside in a sizzling as well as humid semi-tropical climate as well as I’ve become embarrassingly accustomed to having sizzling air around me at all times. The prospect of dealing with chilly as well as blustery winter season weather was not something that glad me, although I decided it was worthwhile to go on the trip anyways. When my buddy and I arrived at our endpoint I was completely impressed with how the citizens have adapted to living in such a hard climate! Everyone wears heavy winter season clothing to support an active outdoor lifestyle up there. They walk from locale to locale in thick boots as well as Eskimo coats rather than relying on boilers aboard cars as well as buses. They have also figured out an ingenious way to keep chilly air out of their residential spaces. Namely, this valuable 2-door entry system that I encountered at many locations served to efficiently trap sizzling air inside as well as chilly air outside. The premise was simple; there was a vestibule with two doors leading to the interior as well as only one automatic sliding door would open at a time. After passing through the first set of doors, you had to wait patiently for that passage to completely close before the next door would slide open. It greatly limited the amount of winter season air that could rush into the indoor space. Sure, it took a few extra seconds to enter each building, but this system was highly effective at keeping the brutally chilly outdoor air outside where it belonged.

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