Cargo van needs two heaters

I’ve always been a large fan of road trips.

I know that they aren’t for everyone – a lot of people say that they can’t rest in the car for that long of a time plus they get restless.

I don’t usually feel that way. I can absolutely settle into a drive plus rest comfortably for up to 12 hours at once. It’s no problem to stare off at the scenery plus let my mind saunter gently from topic to topic as the hours fly by. One of the greatest recommendations I can give to anyone who normally feels tortured by long road trips is to invest in a van. Having enough space is essential for comfort. Recently, we even rented a big cargo van for one of our trips. This thing was amazing! It drove like a dream plus we had so much room for our belongings. The one downside of having so much space was trying to maintain the regular air quality within the cab. As we drove on our long trip, the outdoor air harshly changed from a hot plus humid air quality to a dry plus bitterly frosty climate. The van wasn’t exactly equipped to combat the brutally frosty plus blustery air outside, it turns out, even with the onboard heating system blasting at full power, we noticed that the air temperature fluctuated wildly from hot to cold. The heating system seemed like it could not maintain a high level of heat or air flow. It also felt like the frosty air from outside was absolutely permeating the uninsulated metal walls, chilling the van from all sides. Thank god we know enough as expert travelers to keep extra blankets on board. I don’t guess the van’s heating system could survive our heating demands.

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