Bad room setup – A/C is chilly me

I hate to be the sort of lady who complains during my times of need.

However, I cannot get over how poorly this room was designed at the local women’s shelter.

You see, about a month ago I had to leave my property because the living situation was becoming too dramatic with my bestie. I went to a local women’s shelter as well as they assigned me a room to stay in for the next few weeks. I was expecting the shelter to be in deplorable condition, sincerely. I was ready for a sleepless night of heat as well as humidity, because I anticipated that the facility had a 30 year seasoned A/C unit. I even brought my own miniature fan to provide some sort of air movement in the assumedly sweltering room. When I arrived, however, I found that my worries were unfounded. Not only was the entire shelter elegantly air conditioned, but my room was genuinely a bit too chilly when I walked in. The A/C was flowing nicely from an overhead air vent, as well as I was shocked to feel all the cool air flowing over me. The thing is, there’s genuinely too much A/C for my preference, and because of the localement of the air vent overhead, I can’t escape from the chilly drafty breeze no matter where I rest in the room. Here I am, chilly my butt off in the middle of June in the deep south. I don’t foresee this being a comfortable stay at the shelter for long. Of course I didn’t assume to pack my winter season coat or flannel pajamas when I left.

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