A working AC unit at friend’s house!

Have you ever had one of those years when nothing was going right? It feels like bad luck is knocking at every door.

Everything that possibly can go wrong, will.

Even things that you don’t normally worry about are suddenly blowing up in your face. This is quite literally what happened to me the other week when our AC unit died dramatically. The entire cooling unit became clogged and broke down for good. I was already having a really bad week, but suddenly I was sweaty on top of all the other stress. I didn’t know what to do because when I called the local HVAC company, they were booked solid for another week. It looked like I was going to be experiencing our first 90 degree days without any modern cooling system in my house. Thankfully, bad luck had my back this time. At the same time as my AC unit broke down, our entire block was closed off for construction. I could not even get home to sit miserably in my overheated apartment that night. Feeling disgruntled, I went to my friend’s house instead. Wouldn’t you know, as soon as I walked in the door I forgot about all my troubles. My friend actually had a working air conditioning unit, and the sensation was awe-inspiring. I stopped feeling bad for myself the second I was surrounded by cool, refreshing air. It wasn’t until two days later that I could return to my own hot and sticky apartment. Luckily by then the HVAC company was able to send out a technician to repair my AC.

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