Zone controlled HVAC makes going to work so much better

I’ve been honored to be a part of the growth of this company.

I was one of the first to be hired nearly a decade ago. And the company entrusted me with responsibilities when I was fresh out of college. But since the company was small and didn’t have a great deal of capital, there weren’t a whole lot of fringe benefits. In fact, until recently, I’ve had to have a space heater underneath my desk in the winter. And when the summer rolls around, it’s been really hot at my desk even with a fan blowing right in my face. But the building we were in had some pretty old and worn out commercial HVAC equipment. The company actually owned the building because they were able to get it for next to nothing. Sometimes, we had days where we actually worked on upgrading our surroundings in the office. But the company was pretty smart to go ahead and own the building instead of renting. Still, we had to go without good commercial HVAC for a long time. But that’s all changed now. Finally, we’re doing well enough that not only have our paychecks grown significantly but we’re now enjoying top flight commercial HVAC. Not only is the heating and cooling equipment new but it comes with all sorts of HVAC technology. The one that I am really wild about is the fact that we have zone controlled HVAC. Instead of just one thermostat for the whole floor, we now have five different zones of heating and cooling. That sure makes coming to work even that much more enjoyable.

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