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Programmable Thermostats

My grandma and grandpa’s house is the best to go to when my whole family is in town. My grandpa likes to set everything up in the backyard with chairs and tables. My grandma cooks a plethora of food to feed all of her children and grandchildren. It is the best time. She’s Italian so […]

Microprocessor Controls

I have been told that I am a hoarder. I’m not as bad as the people on that one television show. But I like to keep things that are sentimental to me. I guess it’s true because my house isn’t as updated as I would like it to be. A lot of my friends don’t […]

Shake rattle and roll

Living along the southwest coast can be a dream life for sure. Beaches, sunshine and the ability to head to the mountains or the shore in the same day is really amazing. We have lived here all of our lives and even though life is great most of the time there are some things that […]

Living on the open sea can be a challenge

Retirement is not exactly how I envisioned it, it is better. My husband and I both worked for so many years and raised our children so we decided that it was really time to experience the life we always wanted. Being strapped to the same dead end job for thirty plus years taught us to […]

Temperature changes as we age.

Mom and dad have planned a trip to go and see my grandparents over the Holidays. I am looking forward to seeing them but wish that they were coming here instead. I dread going to their home because it is always sweltering hot. I never want to say anything because I don’t want to make […]

Weird HVAC system

Running a residential cleaning service can be very profitable. My company is still small and we are trying to build our client list so we take on some jobs that others would not want. I have found a way to ensure that we have enough money to cover the costs on a monthly basis while […]