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Time to go buy our weekly groceries

It’s Saturday morning and boy do I hate waking up early after a long work week. I just know that I want to get the groceries done, do a little work around the house and maybe hangout with the guys tonight. It is awfully chilly in the house today. I take a quick look at […]

Making an energy drink run

I can do a HVAC tune-up and at times do some air conditioning repair. I hate my addiction. I spend so much money daily to get my fix in and it’s not really helping me stay awake anymore. I’ve tried quitting but after 2 days I get all ancie and shaky and I need another […]

New heating in the aquarium during its busiest season

I work at the city’s prestigious waterpark aquarium. It is the most beautiful place in the town, and working there is like therapy. I have worked there for over three years, and I love it. My regular job includes taking visitors around the park and ensuring the visitors and staff are comfortable. Favorable temperatures within […]

My first day at work in the heating company

I was elated when I received the call informing me that I had passed the interview and would be starting work at the prestigious heating company. I had worked to grow my career and was reaping the reward. The heating business was known to be a giant in the heating industry because of all the […]