You Can Never Win or Lose if You Don’t Run the Race

I see many people afraid to live and also afraid to die.

They’re trapped in this episodic same old same old way of living where they aren’t growing or changing because of fear.

I know a lot of people living this way will have regrets in the end and I choose to challenge myself and push my boundaries so I won’t have lived a life of regrets from things undone or unsaid. I took the chance and got my HVAC certification and worked in the HVAC industry for many years, and was successful in it because I took that chance. I’ve let many opportunities pass me by, never to come around again, and I am not going to let others pass me by without taking a chance. I wouldn’t have met my lovely lady, who I passed by on the street by my flat many times, if I hadn’t taken the chance and talked to her. I work now at the local business near my house and am grateful for it and that I took the chance and walked into the place to try and get a job there. Life is full of opportunities if you open your eyes and if you have the courage to act on them, otherwise you will grow old and bitter for letting fear bully you around. So that is my motivational speech for you today and I hope I’m not sounding too preachy. I think I’ll clean my HVAC system today and then take a slow leisurely ride along the coast and think about taking those chances.

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