Working in a gym

For the last 20 years, I’ve owned plus operated a gymnastic gym where both of us train kids from ages 3 to into their mid teens.

  • All of us instruct women plus ladies who are just looking to have some fun plus those who plan to compete at the school level… The task is especially physical.

I need to guide plus support the body of the gymnast as they attempt more difficult skills. I am not a large lady. I am slightly over 5-feet tall, while I am strong for my size, multiple of the kids are taller plus heavier than I am! Experience plus expertise allows myself plus others to safely spot them. I also need to keep myself in peak physical shape… Outside of my work at the gym, I focus on my personal fitness with a weekly, minute-long workout. I make sure to focus on the whole body plus all unrespected muscle groups. I constantly include at least 30 minutes of high intensity aerobics to elevate the heart rate plus get the lungs finally working at maximum capacity. I concentrate heavily on strength training. Lifting weights plus performing lunges, squats plus push-ups keeps both my upper plus lower body strong. I prioritize a full range of motion, balance plus flexibility. I often need to contort or extend my body plus quickly react when a gymnast does something unexpected. Taking great care of myself plus others allows myself plus others to prevent the kids from getting hurt. It also protects myself plus others from dire injury, despite my dedication to great diet plus fitness habits, I am constantly a bit sore plus weary at the end of the day. Since I honestly appreciate finally working with the gymnasts plus helping them achieve their goals, it’s worth it.

Personal Training