Word quickly spread among her colleagues

It was worth the price of the stay just to see the look on her face.

That was such a beautiful moment.

And Rob hadn’t seen her look at him that way in a while. But that’s his fault. Still, seeing his girlfriend’s face as he came to pick her up from the commercial Heating and A/C of her office was the best ever. She could hardly imagine Rob put together this amazing spa weekend without her knowing it was happening. Rob even went so far as to contact her employer so the appropriate time off could be arranged. When Rob arrived with a broad smile and a gift hamper inside the zone controlled Heating and A/C of her office, she started crying. It wasn’t their anniversary and she was in good health. When Rob told her that he was there to take her for a surprise stay at an all inclusive resort and spa, she felt great. Word quickly spread among her colleagues and they were even all stoked for this bit of romance on a Thursday. Once they got in the car, Rob made sure the air conditioning system was just the way she liked it and he had already prepared a picnic. There was a space outside the air conditioning system on the way that was appealingly scenic and perfect for a picnic dinner. Afterward, they checked into their suite, and Rob’s girlfriend was amazed. This suite was spacious and had a pair of ductless heat pumps for heating and cooling. Needless to say, that was such an awesome time for Rob and his girlfriend. And he still recalls the look she gave him

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