Wondering if I should work more as an HVAC specialist

I am still making adjustments to the time change after flying back overseas a day ago.

I suppose tonight I will rest a lot better than last night, as well as I totally plan on going to bed especially early so that I can make that happen.

I am trying to decide if I want to stay living here on the Spanish coast or transport back to be around my good friends as well as family back in the states. It seems essentially like my friends are all focused on making money as well as don’t have much time for me. It also makes me feel disappointed when local companies that my good friends are running are making about 10 times what I am making. Honestly, I went for the artistic path when I was in my 30’s as well as it pretty much made me broke. I was a local contractor however grew sleepy from just laboring on heating as well as cooling equipment as well as media air cleaners, so I left it all behind approximately 20 years ago to pursue the stage. One thing I do have that my good friends don’t are a whole pile of amazing memories of all of the crazy as well as fun shows I’ve done over the years. I could have kept on going with my local company doing Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C equipment work, however what kind of memories would I have from doing that over the past 20 years? I suppose I made the best decision however I am going to have to find a way to survive my later years without ending up homeless. Maybe my new corporation buddy back home could have some work available for me, as I am still a certified heating as well as cooling equipment specialist… Time for that nap now.

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