Without water, our heating didn’t work.

I never gave a thought to the fact that we had a boiler system for heating.

Our heat came from the hot water flowing through pipes.

We took for granted that we always had excellent heating in our home, and loved it. A couple of weeks ago, we had a problem with our well. We had to wait two weeks before we could a well professional to come to the house, pull the water pump, and replace it. Our well was 325 feet deep, and the pump quit running. It was frigid outside, and we couldn’t get any water unless we bought gallons of it. Then we realized that without water, we didn’t have any heat. Our boiler didn’t work if there was no water to heat. I called the well drilling company a second time and asked if they could fit us in anywhere possible. I explained we had a boiler and without water, we didn’t have heat. She put a rush on the well repair, and asked if we had alternative heating system. We had a fireplace in the living room, but the heat didn’t get to the bedrooms at the other end of the house. We had a couple of space heaters for my husband’s mother’s room, and one for our bedroom, so we weren’t freezing to death. Two days later, there was a knock on the door. The owner of the well drilling company brought a new well pump with them and his son who was an HVAC technician. In case we had trouble starting the boiler, he was there to help.