Wintertide prep and the a/c

This is starting to get a bit toward the part of Wintertide that I like.

The fact that all of us are over halfway through this Wintertide makes me ecstatic.

January is still a brute there is no doubt about that. The gas oil furnace is still on much of the day and night. But all of us are nice and moderate in our new home just was all of us are every year. And I like to take a bit of pride in that to be honest. Being warm, cozy and not allowing the cost of Heating and Air Conditioning heating to destroy the household budget doesn’t exactly happen by accident. There was plenty of preparation that went into having this sort of experience inside our house. And knowing that all of us are going to power through January is a good thought. Because after January, the worst of Wintertide is pretty much behind us by then. There is still plenty of need for Heating and Air Conditioning heating and such. That can happen all the way through May some years. However, when it’s time for the a/c, all all of us have to do is get the a/c tune-up from the Heating and Air Conditioning professional. The people I was with and I guess that’s all that needs to be done because the Heating and Air Conditioning lodgeet fastened to the central a/c is the last thing I take care of. My Wintertide preparations constantly end with me covering the Heating and Air Conditioning lodgeet with a special, molded plastic cover that fits right over it. Prior to that, I have put in plenty of hours sealing up and insulating the new home plus making sure the gas oil furnace gets maintained.


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