Why didn’t the neighborhood chance up my junk at the curb?’

I was gleeful when I heard that the neighborhood was going to be picking up big junk last week.

I had been storing several things in the garage that I wanted to get rid of plus looked forward to having the extra space to use for something else.

When the afternoon arrived I was surprised to see that they left several items at the curb. When I went to inspect what was there I realized that it was two portable furnaces plus one of the small window air conditioners. I called plus wondered why they had left these items. They said that they were not authorized to chance up anything that had to do with heating or cooling. They said that many of these items contain dangerous chemicals or materials that were not allowed in landfills. I was surprised by this although I guess it made sense. There are locales that recycle these items however you need to spend my money them for the disposal. Government regulations require that these items be correctly broken down or neutralized so that they are not harmful to the environment plus these facilities have the ability to do that. I was not cheerful about paying for these services however at least I now have extra space in the garage plus know better in the future plus how to get rid of those types of items. This will also affect what I purchase in the future because I will regularly know about how I will dispose of that up-to-date item in the event that it breaks or is no longer of use to me.

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