Why did every one of us take a camping trip?

Last month I agreed to go on a camping trip with some of my friends.

  • This is a decision that I have already been regretting, however looking back at it, I have no plan why I agreed to go on a camping trip when I am the least outdoors a person you can imagine.

I only go outside when I want to go out to eat or meet up with some people downtown. I never go into the wilderness or anything adore that. For me, the plan of going into the wilderness is scary. There are bugs everywhere, and predatory creatures that lurk around. I suppose for a fact that there are bears, wolves, and mountain lions in those woods and I do not want to become the lunch of any of them. So I do not suppose what possessed myself and others when my friends asked myself and others if I wanted to go camping that made myself and others agree, however there is no going back now. Tell my friends that I was going to go and therefore I am determined to keep my word and go even if I suppose I am not going to love it. When I did go camping once before, the worst thing about it was the bugs and the lack of a/c unit. It is seriously sizzling out there in the wilderness and every time I thought of how sizzling I was I would also suppose of how much I missed my indoor a/c unit. I suppose I was unaware of how much I honestly rely on current technology to keep myself and others comfortable. I do used to do a few fun things out of trip however it is not an experience I will be doing again.


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