Where would I find a smart thermostat

Decided to upgrade my home to a Smart thermostat I didn’t think there would be any issues doing that. I figured I would just go and purchase a programmable thermostat like I planned and then schedule an appointment with my local heating AC business to have them install it for me. Sure, I could have installed it in myself but I would rather have a professional do it so that way I am insured that it will be installed correctly. I’m not sure if I trust myself to do that. I’m sure it’s simple but I just feel more comfortable if I have a certified Heating and cooling guy come and do it for me. But having someone come and install it wasn’t even the main issue, the main issue was buying it to begin with! I was looking all over and I couldn’t find any smart thermostats over for sale. I checked many of the local heating and cooling businesses and it seems like most of them had sold out of them. It didn’t take me long after a little bit of digging to figure out why this was happening. Most of the heating and AC businesses had recently had a sale of 50% off on all their smart thermostats. This is very annoying to me because now not only can I not get one but this means I just missed out on a great sale!. But I ended up getting a little bit of good luck because I found the online website of some of the heating AC businesses and the cell was still going on and I had the smart thermostat I was wanting and stock online. They had more of them available in the warehouse just not in the local store so when I purchased it I could have it shipped to me and so that is what I did.