When the cooling system turns on, their lights dim.

I had recently bought the second floor of a duplex, i loved how the duplex was laid out, and I was thrilled to be living there.

  • I invited all my friends over to see my new home, and my great friend and I had a big party.

It was getting quite warm inside, with twenty-five people there, and I had to turn on the cooling system. I turned the cooling system off, and it was soon cooling off. I soon got a iphone call from my downstairs neighbor, they asked if I had done anything weird in the last hour. I told them I had turned on the cooling system. I was having a housewarming party. I invited them up, even though she thanked me, however said no; She was wondering what was going on. When I turned on the cooling system, her lights dimmed. That didn’t sound good. There was either a complication with our wiring, or the cooling system was surging and taking up more power. I wasn’t an electrician, or an Heating and A/C worker, however it made sense to me. I asked her to turn her cooling system on and see if the lights dimmed again. When nothing happened, I knew it was a complication with my cooling system unit. I turned it off, and told her I would call the Heating and A/C company first thing in the day. I didn’t want my house burning down because of a faulty cooling system unit. When I called the Heating and A/C company the next day, I was told it would be later that afternoon before they could arrive. I had to take the day off toil to be there when the Heating and A/C worker arrived.

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