What’s the sizable deal about living in your van?

I pulled out the porta potty plus showed it to him.

Three years ago I converted our van into an apartment. I saw a television show where they converted a van into a camper that had a full kitchenette at the back door, with a bed near the front. I had a small ductless HVAC plan so I didn’t need to have the van running 24/7. After graduating college, I moved south. I was hoping to get a task in Marine Biology with one of the state aquariums. Whenever I put in an application for employment, the first question is name plus address. I didn’t have an address so I put down the license number of our van. I usually got an weird look plus I was sure they didn’t even look at the application. One lady asked about our van plus what it was prefer living in it? I told them I had everything I needed plus invited him over for supper. I pulled out the grill plus got it heating. When she showed up, I had everything ready to cook. The first thing she asked about was the van. I showed him the bed plus how it folded back to supply myself and others a couch if I had company. There wasn’t head room, but I had a small fridge for drinks plus popcorn, plus even a location for our clothing. I pulled out the porta potty plus showed it to him. I basically had everything but running water. She asked myself and others what I did for HVAC. I showed him the ductless HVAC plan plus let him know how good the heating plus air conditioner could be. We had supper while in the sunset plus then she told myself and others to come to the HR department the next afternoon.


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