What if I don’t want an up-to-date oil furnace?

When I needed a more up-to-date oil furnace, I wanted to get the same currency-back guarantee that I had from every other vendor I purchased from… I wanted to be sure that if I didn’t want the oil furnace, they would refund my currency or supply myself and others a more up-to-date one. I said this to the local Heating & Air Conditioning specialist, & she gave myself and others a strange look… She told myself and others that she wasn’t sure it was possible, and they gave myself and others plenty of choices for a new oil furnace, however a professional Heating & Air Conditioning company would explain all the differences between every oil furnace & tell myself and others which was the most efficient in heat & energy. The Heating & Air Conditioning company could measure & take notes so they would get a oil furnace that suited my heating needs & the efficiency that I required, then even though she gave myself and others answers that would suit the normal everyday person, I wasn’t cheerful. I wanted a guarantee that if I wasn’t satisfied with how the new oil furnace worked during the first sixty afternoons, I could return it. She eventually said she could not make that guarantee, & I would have to ask the Heating & Air Conditioning company when she came to the more up-to-date home to discuss the up-to-date oil furnace with me. I’m not sure I’ll follow through with the purchase from this company if I don’t receive some kind of guarantee. I don’t want to be stuck with the oil furnace for the next twenty years, if it isn’t exactly what I want. I’m thinking that I’ll talk to several other Heating & Air Conditioning companies in our area, & see if they can offer myself and others some kind of guarantee. If they don’t, I’ll go with the lowest price on the oil furnace I want.


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