What if I don’t like the new furnace?

When I needed a new furnace, I wanted the same money-back guarantee I received from every other vendor I purchased from. I wanted to make sure that if I didn’t like the furnace, they would refund my money or give me a new one. I said this to the HVAC technician, and he gave me an odd look. He told me he wasn’t sure that was possible. They gave me plenty of choices for a furnace. A professional HVAC contractor would explain the difference between every furnace and tell me which was the most efficient in heating and energy. The HVAC contractor would measure and take notes so they would get a furnace that suited my heating needs and those in efficiency that I required. Even though he gave me answers that would suit the everyday person, I wasn’t happy. I wanted a guarantee that if I wasn’t pleased with how the furnace worked during the first sixty days, I could return it. He eventually told me he couldn’t make that guarantee, and I would need to ask the HVAC contractor when he came to the house to discuss the new furnace with me. I’m not sure I’ll follow through with the purchase from this company if I don’t get some kind of guarantee. I don’t want to be stuck with a furnace for the next twenty years, if it isn’t exactly what I want. I’m thinking I’ll talk to several other HVAC companies in our area, and see if they’ll offer me some kind of guarantee. If they don’t, I’ll go with the best price on the furnace I want.

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