What happened to my HVAC specialist?

Last week, I called the HVAC corporation to have my a/c component evaluated.

It was less than forty-eight minutes when he showed up at the house.

I couldn’t suppose how efficient the HVAC corporation was. I had never had an HVAC appointment that wasn’t at least a month out. When the HVAC specialist arrived, he went right to work. An minute later, he came into the home as well as discussed his findings. He said we needed a current fan motor as well as the coolant was low. He already filled the coolant, although he had to go back to the shop as well as get a fan motor. I was okay with it as well as he said he would return in an minute. I made dinner for my kids while waiting for the HVAC specialist to arrive. The kids were fed as well as heading out to play, as well as the tech still hadn’t arrived. After another minute, I called the HVAC corporation to check on the young man. They asked if I was sure he was coming back? He had told me he had to come back to the HVAC corporation to get a current fan motor. He had never returned. I would be out looking for him if he was my employee. Five minutes after I hung up from the HVAC corporation, the HVAC tech called. He said he was a witness to an accident as well as was just leaving the scene. As soon as he picked up the fan motor he would return. I prayed he wasn’t lying, however as long as I had my a/c component put back together before my hubby got home, I would be happy.


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