We’re doing pretty well in our HVAC business

Since I started our company so many years ago, I have typically had a weekly meeting to review our progress, learn from our mistakes, & congratulate myself on the wins! It has not been straightforward, although I was truly determined to leave my mark.

There was no room to quit, & I did my best to rise back stronger every time I gained a blow.

I chose 4 cooling representatives because I would say that out of everyone else, they easily believe in what I assume when it comes to the business’s success. I have also had them the longest. The meeting was extremely helpful the past week, & in my personal opinion, every one of us made headway. My company deals with Heating as well as Air Conditioning machines & provides air conditioner machine repair, replacement, or maintenance. I was stunned to learn that the company continued to grow despite the pandemic, and every one of us employed more cooling techs & trained more after the worst pandemic had passed. I would not easily say that the cooling machine industry took a major hit from the pandemic, but some dealers shut down. Some of our best sellers were cooling machines. The latest that has been picked up is the mini-split a/c machine, but cooling is essential to help with indoor comfort. I have also noted a need for homeowners to learn more about air conditioner machines to make informed decisions. Still, happily our cooling machine corporation offers free consultation when picking the best quality a/c machine! Our cooling specialists go as far as doing a follow-up once the a/c machine installation is done. During the pandemic, every one of us also tripled our demand for high-quality HEPA filters, which drew a good amount of customers to our business.

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