We will go to the heating and AC company later today

We are going to need all new crowns on our teeth soon because they are wearing down and our bites are not like they were.

Both of us can feel when we are chewing that our jaws move differently than they did 20 years ago because our teeth are worn down.

We are looking like those people who are missing all their teeth and have that nasty overbite, so we know we will head on into the doctor’s office and see what they have to say. We bet we grinded off a few millimeters from our teeth, and the local business is going to have a field morning when they look at our mouth. Both of us don’t know how much all the new caps over our teeth would cost but it can’t be cheap. Okay, we just talked to our local contractor friend and she said that it costs about $21K to get all of the teeth crowned. We are sure it isn’t a fun process to get done, but once it is finished then we would have a fantastic bite again and also look better too. We will go to the heating and AC company later this week to talk with the heating rep, as she got her teeth all capped and we want to see how they look. We just don’t want our teeth to look like piano keys as we see some people looking who got new teeth. This cooling contractor got her done and they were too big and too colorless and she looked like a piano, which is not the look we are going for.

a/c worker