We were feeling the headache when summer break started

As soon as the children were officially on summer break, my wife and I were already feeling aggravated. The kids kept acting too hyper, they were eating too much sugar, and they were getting on our nerves. We kept having to send the kids out to play instead of having them play on their video games all day. We have a basketball hoop out there for them to play all they want, a swimming pool that is ready to be enjoyed, along with a swing set! I mean, what’s not to enjoy out there. Not to mention they can always go visit with friends and our son has his electric dirt bike he can ride around the property. I just told the children to make sure to come back in the house for some air conditioning breaks from time to time. I knew it was hot outside and I didn’t want them to be dehydrated either, so I told them all to keep a water bottle handy. I’m glad they at least listened to me about coming back in the house for air conditioning breaks, but I kept having to yell at them to keep the door shut. Our son who came in last seemed a little dazed as he was just standing there with the door wide open, so he got yelled at. I didn’t want all the AC to escape from the house and it already was feeling a little overheated after that door was open too long. One of these days, these children will learn to keep the AC or heating from escaping the house.

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