We want our heating system to be very energy efficient too

I remember the first time my wife and I moved out to the area where we live.

We moved to a small peaceful town so long ago that’s away from most of the major cities.

With crime getting out of control and everything, we just wanted a country home where crime is virtually unheard of. And believe me, we did a lot of research when it came to finding the most suitable location to raise a family peacefully. I wanted it to be like back when we were youngsters and could play outside with friends without worrying about getting killed in a drive-by shooting or being kidnapped. So we have a nice home where you can’t even see your neighbors. Still, the people were so friendly and our neighbors came to see us to welcome us to the community. They told us all about the best local contractors to go through and everything. That was perfect because one of the first items of business on my agenda was to have the HVAC system serviced. We had an old boiler that we had tuned up and it worked fine for years with regular HVAC maintenance. The cooling system we had ended up dying and we had that upgraded to a high velocity cooling system which is highly energy efficient. I honestly couldn’t believe how much the energy bills went down with that HVAC upgrade. Soon, we are looking to have our old boiler upgraded too. We would like the heating system to be extremely energy efficient as well, that would be amazing.


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