We rented a house that slept sixteen

After college graduation, my friends and I planned to get away for a couple of weeks. It was possibly going to be the last time we would all be together. The six of us looked for a beach house that slept a minimum of eight. We figured we could have at least two bathrooms, and have a little bit of privacy. We couldn’t believe all the beach houses we found, but most of them were out of our price range. Then, we found the perfect place. There were three bathrooms and a hot tub. The house slept sixteen, was within walking distance of the beach, and it was $200 less than what we had planned to pay. We pushed the ‘rent me’ button and waited to be contacted. We had to pay up front, but if something happened where we couldn’t make it, we had to give them at least a forty-eight hour notice. When we finally got to the beach house, it was everything we expected. The only thing missing was air conditioning. Who would have thought they wouldn’t have air conditioning in a beach house. One would think that in order to rent a beach house, you should be mandated to have HVAC in it. Next time I look for something online, I’m going to need to read everything and not just the highlights. Even without the air conditioning, we had a great time. We were surprised at how many people could fit in a hot tub. It was almost better than air conditioning; of course I did say almost.

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