We know nothing about AC repairs

My husband and I aren’t handy people.

My husband works in SEO and I am a math teacher.

We don’t even own a set of tools. If we get work done on the house, it is through hiring people. Recently the weather got to be in the 80s and our air conditioner just wasn’t working. It was only blowing out hot air. My husband and I were frantic. The house was just getting hotter and hotter. My husband looked at the air conditioner but he was clueless. I did some online hunting and didn’t find anything of note. I even put it out on facebook for AC help. Everyone said the same thing, call a HVAC technician. I had to pay extra for AC emergency service but it was a real emergency. We couldn’t take the heat anymore. The guy started asking us questions that were just embarrassing. He wanted to know if we changed our air filter. What is an air filter? I didn’t know we had one. He wanted to know about our refrigerant levels. I know what a fridge is, I didn’t ever consider my cooling system’s refrigerant. The guy then took care of everything. He taught us to change the air filter and recognize when we need more coolant. Thankfully there was a major repair and it wasn’t just us being idiots. He replaced the fan motor since it wasn’t working properly. It was expensive to replace and we had AC emergency service on top of that. It was worth it to have cold air though.

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