We couldn't figure out why there weren’t any thermostats.

As a realtor, you have the ability to go into all new rentals and sales before they are on the market.

This gives you the opportunity to know if it is something that will sell to one of your current clients.The last realtor opening I went to was a modern house. It had radiant heating, but there were no thermostats in the rooms. I couldn’t believe that a brand new house didn’t have Zone Control. I carefully examined every room to see if a thermostat was hidden somewhere, but I came up with nothing. When I heard some of the people discussing the thermostat situation, I walked over. We all agreed that it had to be an integrated HVAC system. I walked up to the person who was holding the realtor opening and asked where the computer system was? He smiled and took me into the music room. OUt in the open, but carefully placed, was a complete computer system. Not only was the security system linked into the computer, but so was the HVAC system. The integrated system was carefully monitored by an integrated systems company. If there was a problem with any part of the HVAC system, it would be texted to the owner and the HVAC company. The owners of the house were able to adjust the temperatures in every room as long as they had the codes. It was an interesting setup, but it wasn’t something I wanted in a home of mine, but some of my clients would be interested. I couldn’t wait until one client in particular got to see this house.


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