We are in need of the rain

We have been having the worst air quality ever lately.

It has been making my flu symptoms act up and that forced us to have to turn on all the portable air purification systems that I have in my house.

But we had rain this week and it was well needed! With the heavy rains we have had to clear up the air quality in the area. After the enjoyable rain we have had it went from the worst air quality to the best! I have been able to open up my windows and let the natural air quality just wash out my house’s excruciating air quality without the use of the portable air purification systems. I can not tell you how happy this made me. It is great, then now hopefully the air quality will stay nice for a little while now that we had this large rain. It is the nice time of the year now where the air quality should not be as bad. And if we have more rain it will keep the air quality at bay and things will be nice. It will even be nice enough to take long day walks and enjoy the natural enjoyable air quality. Air quality is important in today’s world with how silly things have been getting with the planet’s atmosphere. And as long as we can have solid air quality for half the year almost everyone in the world or at least my local area will feel nice and not have to use air purification systems in their homes of any kind.


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