Was the long walk worth it?

People have told myself and others that I am a foodie, and they wouldn’t be wrong by saying so.

  • I suppose I like food, and it is strenuous for myself and others not to focus all of our attention on it sometimes.

One of our most number one diners is only a mile away from here, and I don’t mind taking a nice long walk over there to get some delicious food. I was in the mood for supper, but, I noticed it was quite sunny out. It can be pretty overheated during the daytime, so I was a little hesitant to go outside on a sunny day. However, the thought of an early supper was too good, and I decided to take the walk anyway. I figured it was a bad method as soon as I stepped outside. It was incredibly overheated outside! However, I had already sited an online order, so I had to toughen the sun. I walked the mile, and by the end, I was covered in sweat profusely and getting dark splotches in our vision. I knew that I needed to get back into our cool air conditioned up-to-date home entirely fast, and luckily I wasn’t that far away. I managed to get up-to-date home and I had to rest down for a bit. My vision was so dark it made it strenuous to see, but worst of all, I was so incredibly overheated and uncomfortable. The food was delicious as always, but it took myself and others numerous hours to finally cool down and think comfortable again, even with the air conditioning going. It made myself and others regret getting our food a bit. Next time I am only walking on cloudy days.



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