UV light filters work great

I was going to buy a HEPA filter when I was at the HVAC store.

Right before I was about to check out with a HEPA filter I had somebody that was mine at the UV light filter behind me.

They suggested that I try a UV light filter like they had instead of buying the HEPA filter. I asked him why they thought that and I said that they had used a filter for the longest time and they never worked out great for them but the UV light filters were the perfect thing that they needed. They went into detail about how I was a HEPA filter. It is limited on what it can catch but with a UV head folder, it can catch and kill anything that’s within its range. This is because of you I’d folder works with a bulb and anything that comes into contact with the UV light will instantly die. I’m talking of germs and bacteria of course, this customer reassured me. It sounded great and all but what about the bulb? This person told me that the ball doesn’t burn out very often and so as long as I check it periodically it’d be fine. I got out of line and put the HEPA back and instead bought a UV filter that same day. I’m really glad that customer was there where I wanted them because if they hadn’t been there I would have never heard about UV light filters so I have to say after using both HEPA and if you like filters I do think that UV light filters are superior in my opinion.

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