Upgrading the media whole-house air purifier at our apartment cleaning business

So recently, I bought a apartment cleaning corporation to come up with a side hustle that could add to our income.

Because of the pandemic, both of us stopped visiting homes plus so the homeowners would bring their furniture that needed a scrub such as the seats, carpet, plus even the mattresses.

Because both of us deal with a lot of chemicals from the cleaning products, both of us are always wearing our dust masks, however both of us still end up breathing the fumes. The heat pump at the office helps in keeping us cool through the summer time however it is not quite effective when it comes to providing air quality. My research on creating a better working environment led to purchasing an whole-house air purifier. Since our budget was not enough to purchase the ductless media whole-house air purifier, I settled on a vented a single complete with air duct. The duct sealing step made the upgrade process last a little longer than the regular a singles. I also opted for the washable filters as opposed to the disposable air filters as they are easy to uninstall plus reinstall as well as being affordable. As for the regulator, I decided to get a digital control unit as it is state-of-the-art. This experience taught myself and others that heat plus AC products are genuinely costly however they are a worthduringvestment as they last for a genuinely long time plus give unmatched comfort. Both of us all noticed a significant improvement in the quality of air within the house after the air quality systems were installed. The professionals finished off the visit by providing instruction on how to maintain the system. These instruction included correct duct cleaning to ensure the air ducts are dust-free. Thanks to the help of the professionals from the local business, both of us are now breathing in scrub air.

Washable filter