Trying to Find a Furnace Filter for Sale

I need to replace my furnace filter with a new HEPA filter soon.

I am getting a lot of fumes in here from the unit and I think I need to do a good cleaning of it.

I don’t know if the HEPA filter would catch all of the smell coming from the furnace so I need to look inside to see where the smell is coming from. I haven’t cleaned it in over a year and I am sure it is due for a good overhaul and tune up too. My friend is an HVAC technician and told me that any time my unit needs to be maintained he would be glad to help me. I haven’t talked with him in over a year and I don’t even know if he is living in this town anymore so I need to give him a buzz soon and see what’s up. I was an HVAC repairman long ago so if it comes down to it I could do the HVAC maintenance and cleaning myself. I need to be careful though because my shoulders are still healing from last year’s volleyball marathon on the beach. I can do simple things like clean the ductwork and HEPA filter but if there is any heavy lifting involved then I better have someone else do it who has good shoulders to work with. I also need to clean my stone fireplace because I see a lot of soot on the top of the fireplace where the flames burn and it is looking pretty bad.


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