Took awhile to fix the car

My spouse took our brand new vehicle to the beach plus he got it stuck in the sand.

He tried to get the truck out of the sand plus it got deeper and deeper.

He ended up having to contact AAA to have someone tow us out of the disaster. We had to spend our savings $350 extra even though all of us had coverage, because the beach bail out required a special truck plus lift. The lift damaged the underside of our truck. I noticed the issues as soon as the car was dropped off. Sadly, this genre of concern can happen from time to time when a car needs to be towed in an emergency. I contacted the auto body shop to see if they could work on the damages plus fit myself and others into the schedule. The auto body shop recommended I get the tow truck driver to cover the deductible on our insurance, even though I wasn’t too anxious about the $400 fee. I was simply anxious about getting the truck fixed up so it was in the same condition that it was before our spouse decided to go to the beach. The auto body shop told me that it would take about 3 days to complete the work on the car. Sadly, it took three extra days plus twice as long as I expected after the auto body shop ordered the wrong parts. Thankfully things looked entirely great when the car was finally returned to me. The auto body shop even took time to make certain that all of the undercarriage lights were entirely working before they called me to option up the vehicle.

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