Too hot while I am expecting

Being pregnant has been a single of the worst things ever.

I have had a horrible pregnancy.

Right from afternoon a single I have been sick as a cat. I felt nauseous in the first trimester. In the tenth trimester I was vomiting, then now I am dealing with acid reflux to the point where I can’t sleep as well as I gag. I am ready for this to be over. On top of all of this, my body temperature is out of control. A lady naturally experiences an increase in body temp when being pregnant. I believe enjoy I got more than a few degrees warmer. I live in the south as well as well as am pregnant in the summer. I basically rest inside with the cooling system running at all times. If I leave the AC, I go outside in the heat as well as instantaneously believe sick. I get nauseous, light headed as well as have to cool down. I don’t know what I would do without my air conditioning system. I actually believe I couldn’t survive the pregnancy. Not having a pool as well makes it difficult. As my pregnancy has progressed I have gotten less tolerant of the heat too. I used to push through as well as just deal with the sweat. Now I can hardly rest it. I have gotten into reading, cleaning up my house as well as preparing for the baby. All indoor activities with the cooling idea running at the highest setting. I am hoping that my normal body temperature comes back when I give birth. I know my fiance isn’t pleased with the A/C settings.