Today is Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders Day

I do a three way split workout routine each week, training the groups of body parts on different days once a week.

I used to workout every day when I was younger but now I find that three days a week of weight training is more than enough to keep the muscle that is left on my body.

I don’t have as much muscle as before but am a lot more flexible, adding daily yoga to my workout regime. I was an HVAC repairman long ago and had a lot of lower back problems until I started doing yoga each day to loosen up my body. It has helped tremendously and I will continue to do it until I can’t move anymore. I used to have problems when working on my air conditioner, bending over for hours at a time to work on it, but now it doesn’t hurt at all when I do the same type of work. I can’t lift as heavy as I could when I was younger but it isn’t necessary as most of my work is done online now. I used to have to haul heavy HVAC equipment up stairs and ladders, but now all of my work is done with my fingertips basically. I still do some manual labor now and then but nothing compared to what I did when I was younger and stronger. I think I will clean my furnace filter today as I think about it, because winter will soon be here and I want it to be clean and ready when it does come.

Air conditioning worker