Today is a Really Good Surfing Day

It is a rainy a single today.

There are a bunch of surfers out because the people I was with and I have some nice rollers coming in.

I went for our day dip today plus what a battle I had with the waves trying to clean over myself and others plus suck myself and others out to sea. The riptide was tremendous plus I had a taxing time staying on our feet, it kept trying to pull myself and others out to sea. Luckily, the surfers were out in the distance so if I did get pulled out they would be able to help myself and others get back in. I am going to the local company today to see if they have any new smart control units yet. The girl laboring there said they will get a few in this week plus I am in need of a single so I want to make sure I am the first a single there when they arrive. The seasoned girl HEPA filter clerk told myself and others that she would call myself and others when they come in although I know that sometimes she forgets so it’s better just to go down there plus see for myself. I have an seasoned control component that is not functioning absolutely well anymore plus I would prefer to get a wireless control component in location of it. I don’t guess they cost that much plus I guess I can pay with our Bitcoin. I can’t wait till Bitcoin is accepted everywhere. I want to get an Heating, Ventilation & A/C tune up also plus I guess the seasoned girl said she would come plus do it for free a single day.


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