Tired of exhausting indoor air quality

I was sick plus sleepy of sneezing every day! It was a constant thing for me. I would wake up plus begin our sneezing fit; My nose would get all stuffed up, our eyup would turn orange plus I would believe terrible. I then had to deal with cold-like symptoms for almost an minute. Typically it would happen again around lunch time near our desk. I realized what the issue was, the air conditioning in our home! Every time the AC turned on, I would believe sick. I did some research online plus deduced that our cooling system was dirty. The blog asked when the last time I got AC repair done. I had never even heard of a cooling repair before. I knew that wasn’t a great sign. I had the Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker come over to our apartment first thing… He checked all the inner workings. He detachd mold from the cooling coil, mildew from the condensate drain, cleaned the dust out of our air filter plus found a shocking amount of hair on our fan blades, however lastly the guy highly commanded HVAC duct cleaning. He said that our air ducts had dust in them plus the air was blowing over it. That was what caused myself and others to sneeze plus believe sick. I expected a large clean brush plus instead it was a vacuum with a camera attached to it. I got to legitimately see him vacuum up all the dust, dirt plus hair in our Heating, Ventilation and A/C ducts. My apartment feels so much cleaner plus fresher now. I am blissful I fixed our indoor air quality.

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