Time to go buy our weekly groceries

It’s Saturday morning and boy do I hate waking up early after a long work week.

I just know that I want to get the groceries done, do a little work around the house and maybe hangout with the guys tonight.

It is awfully chilly in the house today. I take a quick look at the thermostat and I see that my wife or kids turned the a/c to 61 degrees! Why in the world do we need it that cold? I’m sure it was my son as he gets heated late at night in his video games. I’m glad his bedroom is on the other side of the house because I’ve heard his rage and he will have a heart attack someday due to that. It’s 67 degrees outside! I turn the thermostat dial up to 70 degrees and this family is up to a rude awakening when they get up. They are lucky I’m nice enough to let them sleep. I guess I’ll take a shower and get dressed. I do the shopping in the morning as the wife usually works in the evenings so I know she won’t be up till around 10am. She is slightly a night owl after work. I see that she put a grocery list on the refrigerator with a kiss sign at the end. I love this woman! She does a lot with cleaning and maintaining the house when I work so I know I can pick up the groceries plus I know Saturdays she makes an amazing meal! Regardless, after I’m done shopping someone is going to feel my wrath unless it’s her.

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