This Winter time I am Going to Really Practice Drums a Lot

I was saying that my neighborhood becomes a ghost neighborhood in the Winter time as well as this Winter time I am going to focus on improving my drum skills so that next year I can play in the clubs as well as make some cash.

My friend plays guitar as well as all of us sing as well as play in the streets now however I need to improve my drumming more so that all of us can do it for a living.

I am laboring at the local business now selling Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C systems as well as laboring on Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C component as well as will keep laboring there even when I am playing songs in clubs. I suppose I need a couple more years of practice with drumming till I am able to do it full time. It would be great to play in air conditioned clubs in the summer time when the sites are packed with tourists. I suppose all of us have a few clubs now that will have us play in the Winter time but it is only maybe several sites. I hope they all have heating inside because some of them don’t as well as it is just way too cold on my hands to drum when the rooms are ice cold. All of us can have several days below cold while in the Winter time so having superb heating in a club is a must. I suppose I could consistently bring a small space heating system with me if the club has no heating but it would be difficult to bring that along with all of my sound equipment. I suppose everything will labor out in the end so there is no use worrying about it now.



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