This heat is just horrible

It is a constant fight to stay cool in my area.

This heat is just terrible. I can’t stand that my weather is 90 degrees by 11am. I hate that I worry about 100 degree weather all the time. I used to live in the north and the cold was the problem. I owned three separate heating systems in order to keep myself warm. I still wore pants and a sweatshirt inside. I invested in a snowblower, snow scraper and an automatic start so I could begin the car heating system early to melt the ice. It was a horrible way to live. I was sick of always being cold. It was winter from September to May basically. Moving down south means I have the opposite problem. Where is winter? I miss the cold. I hate this horrible heat that plagues me all year. This summer season is especially hot. My poor air conditioner can barely keep up. It just runs and runs all day long. Thankfully I got the cooling system checked out recently. I made sure everything is all lubricated, cleaned and has enough refrigerant inside. I couldn’t go one minute without proper AC. I then had to add AC to my gym and a small cooling unit to my tool shed so that my tools didn’t rust. It is a constant fight to stay cool in my area. I wonder if there are places that actually have nice temperatures most of the year. I feel living down south in the summer is just as brutal as a northern winter. It is a different awful time but still horrible.

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