Thinking of My Dad the Old HVAC Salesman

My dad, the HVAC business owner and salesman, has been gone almost two years now and I am still trying to come to terms with it.

  • I not only lost my dad but a whole bunch of other things fell apart in the meantime knocking me down to a point where I no longer wanted to get back up.

But I realize that I must get up and keep pushing forward because death is just a part of life. I lost my money, the love of my life, and my health over the past two years and am working to build it all back again. I am still working for the local contractor through it all and will continue to do so while I walk along the path to recovery. I’ve never lost so much in my life as I have over the past two years, teaching me that not everything is forever but that you can bounce back from almost everything if you have a strong sense of self and trust in the process of life. I am happy to be working on HVAC equipment each day as it takes my mind off of all the heavy things that hit me lately. I’ll be okay soon and will find my happy self again and keep on keeping on down the road of life. I’ll clean my HEPA filter today and read some of my dad’s poetry later on as I sit by my fireplace and stare at the flames. My dad’s memory will live on in my heart and I’ll see him again one day somewhere.

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