Thermostat was showing the wrong temperature

My daughter came and complained to me about her room feeling pretty cold.

That was weird, because in my room it felt warm and cozy.

So I followed her to her room, and to my surprise, it was just as she stated, it was quite cold in there. What was causing this temperature difference? As I walked throughout the home, I noticed there were quite a few spots in the house that felt at a different temperature. I looked at my thermostat, and it was a few degrees lower than normal. I turned it up and thought that would be the end of things. However, later I noticed the home felt overheated. I looked at the thermostat, and it was well over 80 degrees! Somehow it was no longer on the temperature settings I put it on, and the temperature reading was completely crazy! It wasn’t hard to figure out that the thermostat was likely the issue. But to make sure, I called a HVAC business and asked for their advice. They told me it sounded like the thermostat was going bad, and I should order a new one. I did exactly that, and I bought a nice new and modern smart thermostat. The new smart thermostat came right off of the HVAC corporation’s website, and I knew it would probably take a week or so to get here. However, to my surprise, the thermostat was here within a few days. After careful installation of the new thermostat, the temperature returned back to normal. Problem solved.

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