There is no Heating plus Air Conditioning companies in my town

I suppose I wish my super small village was just a little bit larger

For as long as I can remember I’ve always craved a small village life. I grew up living in a busy City with my parents however I had always known from the time I was honestly young that my heart was calling myself and others in other instruction. I craved the peace, the quiet, and a solitude that the more rural areas bring. I also wanted to see the nature, and the Stars. Two things that I could never see in the busy Urban environment that I lived in. This is why as soon as I was seasoned enough to transfer out I moved to a rural part as soon as I could. I was dying to live out that fantasy I hadalways wanted. It was through a lot of hard work that I was able to make my fantasy a reality. Even though I now live in a small village and I have everything I had hoped for as a kid, I do know adore there is 1 thing that is missing is more businesses. I suppose I wish my super small village was just a little bit larger. We do not even have a heating and A/C company here. Last Wintertide when my space heating system stopped working I had to call a Heating plus Air Conditioning company from another heating and cooling company and pay an extra cost to have them come out here because of the distance. So I do wish I had a local heating A/C company here and a few other local stores, however other than that life is perfect.

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