There is an icky smell in our car

There is a yucky smell in our car that I smell every time that I turn on the heating system.

  • It’s so discouraging and I don’t undoubtedly know what in the world to do about it.

I was looking online for different reasons that there might be an issue with it. On on 1 website, I found out that there might be mold or mildew growing inside of the heating as well as A/C side of the car, but that did not make myself and others know honestly great about things! I absolutely do not want to be breathing in air inside of a closed-in car that has mold or mildew blowing around through the ventilation system! I have never had any kind of concern prefer this in a car that I have owned before, so this is all current to me. I tried calling the local mechanic to see what she had to say about it however they are all booked up until next weekend. I don’t undoubtedly know what to do other than not run the heating system for the next month and a half! It’s been so frigid around here lately that I just don’t want to do that at all, though! The weather has undoubtedly been frigid frigid around here lately and I know that it is not going to get any better for at least another couple of months. Usually the temperature here during the month of January is even colder than it is in January so if I don’t get this heating situation fixed, we may end up with a problem. It isn’t exactly prefer I’m going to be able to take a portable space furnace in the car with myself and others in the afternoons!

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