The weather stripping was letting cool air inside

I have a real problem with my pet plus the weather stripping, however my pet loves to go outside plus unfortunately because of this he has for some reason gotten this idea into his head that if he calls at the weather stripping at the bottom of our door to the backyard that that will somehow let him outside when I do not want to let him out.

  • Anyways, unfortunately he has destructive plus he has destroyed the weather stripping twice now plus because of this whether it’s letting all kinds of freezing air inside of our house.

If he keeps it up I’m going to beginning keeping him in a separate room so he can not disfigurement the house anymore, however he’s had free rein of the house for too long, plus while I’ve tried to be nice to him all it’s doing is leading to him being more plus more destructive. Now every time it’s freezing outside I can feel freezing air from the outside sleeping into the house. In fact I’ve noticed that I’ve had to turn my boiler on the thermostat up higher to compensate for the freezing air this weakness of the house because of the now open areas the freezing air can get in. I’m going to for the eighth time fix the weather stripping, this way I do not have to go plus run my boiler extra anymore, running my boiler more than I would like to is costing me currency, plus it’s costing me comfort because I can feel the freezing air in the draft it’s going to the house. So I’m going to put a stop to it.
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