The tree that fell \

We had a truly bad storm a few weeks back & this big tree in our backyard fell hard! It not only fell, however it crashed completely into our central heating & air conditioner.

  • I ended up having to call the local heating & a/c business to send out 1 of their most certified heating & a/c specialists because it made the central Heating & A/C equipment breakdown.

Lucky for me that the central heating & a/c plan was not completely broken. It was able to be repaired & the small dent that was in it from the tree falling was also fixed by the heating & cooling specialist from the local heating & a/c business. I truly lucked out here. This was also a nice wake up call that I should sign up for the heating & cooling business’s heat & a/c repair plan; Not having an Heating & A/C repair plan right now could have cost me thoUnited Statesnds of dollars on a brand new & new central heating & a/c plan unit. However, if I had a heating & cooling repair plan from the local heat & a/c business, our Heating & A/C plan would be fully covered from a storm or natural disaster. So this is what I ended up doing when the heating & cooling specialist was here fixing the Heating & A/C system. I asked to sign up & spend money for a year of their heating & cooling repair plan. This way if something worse happens in the future I do not have to worry.


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