The thermostat is the most important part of your HVAC system

The thermostat is the most important part of your HVAC system but a lot of people don’t really seem to understand that.

Once I heard someone say that your thermostat is actually the brains behind your entire HVAC system in your house and that really made a lot of sense to me.

That little metaphor stuck with me and that’s probably the reason why I have always wanted to have an updated thermostat unit in my house at all times. I have hardly ever updated my furnace or my air conditioning system, but I always make sure to have a newer updated thermostat at all times. I neverI never want to end up with a thermostat that is old and outdated because that means that my heating and cooling bills will rise and that my indoor air quality will never be at the levels that they could be! Anyway, the other day my mom called me up and told me that her thermostat didn’t seem to be working correctly. I knew for a fact that she had not had her thermostat updated for years because she had the same exact thermostat unit in her house that was there whenever I moved out 10 years ago! She wanted me to come over and fix it for her, but instead of doing that I just called up the local HVAC company and sent them over to her house to install a new thermostat instead. Since her thermostat is so important to the indoor air quality in her home, I just felt like it was time for a new one.

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