The supplier that made this window undefined component needs better quality control

I don’t expect all manufacturers to stay within the US, however at least pay for quality control wherever you take your factory.

One of our number one guitar companies has a factory in Mexico that makes guitars that are nearly equal in value to their American made guitars, however the price is much lower to reflect the faster turn-around in addition to the difference in wages.

Regardless, their quality control for the Mexican factory is still extremely high compared to numerous other guitar manufacturers within that price range. This supplier realized a long time ago that it’s not necessarily about where something is made as long as the chosen factory understands the market demands in addition to has a quality control team funded from the start. Some of the purchases I make provide myself and others a weird reaction sadly. This window component that I purchased last year has been slowly falling apart ever since I took it out of the box in addition to first installed it in the window in our dining room upstairs. It was much louder than our old window component upon the first day of use. The noise in the window component has only gotten worse with prolonged use. I feel the fan motor for the window component causes parts to vibrate as it oscillates during use. Now it’s a rattling mess in addition to I’m wondering why I didn’t return the window component to the store after trying it for the first time. I truly could have gotten a refund given the frustrations that I’m facing with this horrible machine.
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