The storm knocked out the power

Springtime and Summer weeks are filled with lots of rain and sunshine.

Occasionally it will rain all afternoon and the sunshine still shines.

I do not mind the rain much at all. The temperatures drop when the rain comes and it is a nice break from the heat. A few weeks ago all of us had a awful storm that knocked out the power. I was hoping the power would be turned back on the next afternoon, however there was a superb deal of disfigure from the storm. Several trees came down in the heavy winds and the branches caused several power lines to be disfigured. The power was out the entire next afternoon. I tried to use the generator so I could run that cooling system. It was 90 degrees that afternoon and none of my neighbors and I had any way to control the indoor temperature. The generator had trouble keeping up with the demand, so I had to shut off the cooling system. I needed to keep the refrigerator and the freezer cold. With the cooling system running, there was a strain on the generator. I sat with my friend later that afternoon. He has a much greater generator than I do and it worked well. He had the ability to keep the indoor temperature comfortable while still keeping the refrigerator and freezer ice cold. I was happy when the power finally came back on later that night. I did not want to spend another night trying to sleep separate from any way to control the indoor temperature. I cannot sleep well when it’s moderate indoors.

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